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When you start a business, you accept a lot of clients that need work in a lot of different areas of the law.  And, as a small business, its quickly impressed that the most valuable asset is the client.  The Aranda Law Firm, while primarily focusing its practice on the family law field, is proficient in handling cases in several other areas of law, including criminal, traffic, injury, employment, and probate/estate issues.

For help with these legal issues, contact the Aranda Law Firm.  Working together, we can maximize your rights while minimizing the stress, strain, and uncertainty of your legal issues.  For more information, submit our online contact form or call us at 314-665-3678.


The premise of a divorce is pretty clear. Divide the assets and the debts and, if necessary, divide the custodial responsibilities of any children.  However, while seemingly simple, divorces can present many issues that only an experienced practitioner can effectively handle.

Child Custody and Support

When a Court looks at custody issues, it is generally tasked with entering a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child.  Missouri law sets forth certain factors that a Court must consider when determining the best interest of the child.

Guardianships and Adoptions

Guardianships and adoptions are primarily utilized when the parents of a child are unfit, unable or unwilling to be a parent to a child.  Sometimes more than one person wants to adopt or be guardian of a child.  It is important to hire an experienced family law lawyer that understands the law and the procedure utilized in these types of cases.

Orders of Protection/Abuse and Neglect

Orders of protection are utilized when someone alleges abuse, neglect, or stalking.  Someone could allege that you did these things.  You could allege that someone else did these things.  You could allege that someone else did these things to your child.  These processes, while seemingly simple, carry very serious consequences.

Child Support Collections

Once a child support order is entered, some parent rely on Family Support Division to help them in the collection of child support. Sometimes Family Support Division is able to help these parents, and sometimes they are not.



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